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Dance and Fitness classes for adults and children

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Stretch & Tone

😧 Are you concerned about your weight?
😧 Do you feel discouraged to start exercising due to current health problems, aches & pains?
😧 Do you suffer from low mood or depression?
😧 Are you worried about not being able to keep up in an exercise class?
😧 Do you feel intimidated by the gym environment?
😧 Are you anxious about finding it even more difficult to lose weight as you get older?

✅ Lose weight, get stronger and improve your health
✅ Feel better and more confident in yourself
✅ Preserve your independence in your later years

Ballet Fitness

😧 Are you concerned about your memory?
😧 Do you worry about how aging will affect your ability to be active?
😧 Do you suffer from poor concentration?
😧 Do you feel stressed a lot of the time?
😧 Do you suffer from aches and pains?
😧 Are you anxious about your lack of co-ordination and balance?

✅ Feel an increased sharpness in your cognitive function
✅ Improve strength, co-ordination, posture and flexibility
✅ Get your body leaner and stronger
✅ Improve your self confidence and find relief from stress

Adult Ballroom

😧 Do you feel a dance class is a scary or daunting environment?
😟 Are you concerned you have β€œtwo left feet” and simply lack any rhythm or dance ability?
πŸ˜’ Are you without a partner and feel anxious about attending alone?
πŸ€” Did you used to dance when you were younger and would love to do it again as an adult?

✅ Feel empowered and confident in your ability to dance
✅ Meet new friends and have fun
✅ Improve your co-ordination, balance, strength and flexibility

Junior Ballroom

😧 Are you concerned about your child's lack of self-confidence?
😧 Do you feel anxious that your child is overweight?
😧 Are you worried your child will develop a negative body image?
😧 Does your child have flat feet and complain of knee/leg pain?
😧 Are you concerned about your child's poor posture?
😧 Does your child dislike team sports?

✅ Build your childs self-esteem
✅ Have your child stand tall, with their shoulders back and head held high
✅ Have your child meet new people and form new friendships
✅ Develop your childs co-ordination, balance and strength
✅ Give your child a good sense of rhythm, timing and musicality

Dance Fitness

😧 Do you get bored easily in the gym?
😧 Do you enjoy dancing but never feel certain of the steps?
😧 Are you uncomfortable with you weight?
😧 Do you feel stressed and anxious a lot of the time?
😧 Do you suffer with niggling aches and pains?

✅ Experience a transformation in your weight and fitness levels
✅ Lift your mood and focus simply on yourself for an hour
✅ Meet new people and have a giggle

Core Strength

😧 Do you suffer from lower back pain?
😧 Do you feel depressed and dragged down from the pain?
😧 Do you feel concerned about the way your tummy looks after having children?

✅ Strengthen you core to help alleviate back pain
✅ Improved tone and appearance of your tummy area

Sam's Stretch and Tone
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I was worried that as a 50 something overweight lady I wouldn’t be able to keep up and would feel the odd one out. But I was wrong, the classes are friendly and welcoming and no one judges abilities in fact there is humour when getting it wrong, I don’t know what I was worried about. In fact I joined Sams ballet fitness class as well.

Working with Sam is a joy she has the ability to make you challenge yourself and work hard without you realising exactly how hard you are working. She has a very gentle teaching manner and her music choice matches.